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Authorised Troiareuke Distributor

With a saturated beauty and skincare market combined with all round info-overload, it’s become imperative to cut to the chase and get to the right stuff. Quality products that work, that’ll support us looking great yet don’t hurt us. With differing skin conditions, a harsh climate and busy schedules, adopting the right skincare regimen is a fine balancing act. The ramifications of getting this wrong may not be immediate but they’re certainly there as we age…it’s just not worth it!

Introducing The Cult Culture. Our approach is simple:

1) To work directly and in close collaboration with our Principals who represent products with proven quality and constant innovation & development behind their astute brand names.

2) To rigorously select and present products of the highest quality from outstanding companies the world over.

3) To complement the skincare purchasing process by further empowering consumers with knowledge of general skin conditions and the appropriate ingredients to enhance skin conditions.

We hope that our love for skin care and intimacy with our debut brand, Troiareuke, will allow you an experience that proves satisfying yet sustainable, contributing to an even more enjoyable lifestyle.