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Singapore Among Tops For: Global Smart City Performance, Airport Services, Airlines, UV Index Rating, Financial Services etc…

Yup, we achieved another top spot! Singapore has one of the highest UVI’s in the world. Developed by Canadian scientists in ‘92 and subsequently standardized by the WHO, UVI describes the level of solar UV radiation on the ground in a particular area and is today used in regular forecasting activities. The following is an extract from their web:

Guess where Singapore sits on this 1 to 11 WHO scale? Well actually we don’t…we usually bust right through at about 11.5 during the peak heat hours of 11am to 3pm, plus/minus. We even managed to hit 15 on 19 Feb this year as reported in The Straits Times. Yup, you read correct and seems like this wasn’t a one-off either. ST also reported highs between 12 to 15 on several days in Feb. Naturally the UVI reading varies in various parts of our island due to varying cloud and rain conditions.

Considering these high numbers all year round, it’s imperative to be vigilant here. Personally I’ve always loved the outdoors soaking in some of that super sunshine vitamin D which is known to improve brain function (I always needed this one) and lowering of high blood pressure among other benefits. Doc always said to get minimum 20 minutes of daily sunshine. Guess I overdid the exposure over the years and been pulling back some after learning about the dark forces of UV. Stuff like premature skin aging (this one scares the heck out of me) and even skin cancer. OK, skin cancer scares me too!

As we’re aware, UV rays are more penetrative than normal light rays. Many are also increasingly aware of how extreme levels of UV insidiously destroys our skin’s structure by seeping through the top epidermis. This especially after regular exposure to such high levels. And I’m not talking about stuff like getting a sun tan or simply frolicking in the open over the weekends while it’s so darn hot..like its been lately. I’m talking about simply being outside like walking from the MRT station to work, to lunch etc..stuff like that. Just those few minutes of daily exposure gets me concerned. We may not feel the effects immediately, but it all adds up and the mid to longer term adverse effects ought to get us thinking a bit here. We owe it to our skin man!

Today with a more informed perspective, I’ve been cultivating much better habits all round.  I even encourage the kids to do so. Yup, best to cultivate from young.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love our Singapore sun  but  vigilance sees me regularly hydrated, drinking loads of water, applying really good UV protection (min SPF 30), having a pair solid UV shades and a super suave brolly..rain or shine. Armed with this, my love affair with the outdoors remains, albeit some fine-tuning.  As always, remember when it comes to investing in your skin, don’t cut those corners, just cut to the chase and get straight to that right one for you.. not only for today but for the long run too.

Until the next one, take good care… out there 😊