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The Great Barrier Rift & the
Curious Case of Foaming

Ever felt how ‘lux’ those foaming cleaners are on our skin each evening after a hard day’s work? Those that seemingly give us that nice fresh feeling after a good evening’s wash? Well here’s the problem..these indulging little bubbles likely stem from a nasty surfactant insidiously stripping away at our skin’s protective barrier causing problems like inflammation, irritation and worsening acne.

We cleanse our skin to remove make-up, sunscreen and harmful pollutants such as dirt, dust, pollen, basically anything our skin gets hit with throughout the day. Clearly a desired balance means not unwittingly removing moisturising constituents like amino acids, ceramides, fatty acids, wax esters and cholesterol. For some of us, let’s not overdo trying to solve what may appear as a problematic “oily” face. That sebum (Latin for fat..bet you didn’t know that?!) which our glands secrete contains stuff we actually should retain to some degree. Stuff like antioxidants that protect our skin from aging prematurely and even cancer. Mess with this barrier and we gradually create great rifts that unnecessarily expose our skin to dehydration, ageing and the possibility of severe acne breakouts way beyond our teens. Not to mention being in a shitty mood as a result..trust me I know about this one!

So next time you shop for that new cleanser, take your time and go all out to research & find the natural one which strikes that right balance for you. One that effectively cleanses yet doesn’t hurt you in the mid to long run. I’ve found mine in Troiareuke’s Oil Cut Cleansing and I’m sticking wth it. Will provide a personal review real soon. Meanwhile you can check out what others say . Remember, when it comes to making the best decision investment for your skin, don’t cut corners, just cut the clutter and get straight to the right one. Good luck!

Until the next one.