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Troiareuke Acsen SOS Sleeping Mask 50ml $56.00

Troiareuke Acsen SOS Sleeping Mask

An overnight facial mask that provides instant skin soothing, nourishment, and rejuvenation.
An ideal sleeping mask that hydrates, soothes, and relaxes your skin overnight without leaving your skin greasy or oily. The formula is absorbed into the skin in seconds after application.

Fragrance Free & Hypoallergenic, this sleeping mask is suitable for sensitive skin, acne prone skin, dry and dehydrated skin.
Product Volume:- 50ml
Expiry date:-05/2023
Panthenol (10,000 ppm)
6 types of Herbal Sprouts
Birch Sap
5 types of Hyaluronic Acid
After cleansing at night, take appropriate amount in the last stage of skin care, avoiding the eyes and lips, apply to the entire face.
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